Anyone who’s tried operating a photography business knows the difference between being a successful photographer and being a successful photography business owner is extraordinary.

The actual percentage of time spent shooting photos compared to time spent dealing with administrative, marketing, networking and other workflow duties can be dismal to the point of wondering whether you’re a photographer or computer-bound desk jockey…especially at the beginning.

But don’t give up! It’s a great profession (and even greater lifestyle) if you’re capable of balancing personal creativity with the multitude of entrepreneurial responsibilities required to handle the demands of clients and in-house administrative duties.

Like many serious photographers, I’ve developed my skills through a lifetime of experimentation with photography. My incredibly talented and creative Mom let me play with her classic 1960’s  35mm Yashica and my passion for the art grew from there.

Having experimented photographically across a wide variety of styles including commercial advertising photography, editorial photo-journalism, special event & location assignments, real estate marketing photography and just about anything else you can think of to keep food on the table and the lights turned on in the office, allows me to draw upon numerous successes and failures, highs and lows, ups and downs encountered along the way.

My view-point comes from a substantive theoretical and practical background, both in terms of the aesthetic aspects of the creative media arts, as well as structured communications & business skills developed in university and real-world professional environments. 

Since the late 1990’s, I’ve gained knowledge in the classroom, as well as invaluable real-world experience in the studio, lab and field. Currently, my photo-journalistic publication portfolio is spread across a wide variety of print & online mediums including books, business promotional materials, clothing, magazines, newspapers and websites.

Truly there is no substitute for experience — including absorbing the experience of others — of which I was extremely fortunate to have been offered guidance by amazing photography professors, peers and pros along the way.

If capable of doing so, I’m happy to offer helpful ‘phood for thought’ so you can enjoy the incredible lifestyle of creativity & freedom that accompanies successful photography business ownership.

This blog isn’t meant to “preach” the be-all end-all of tacit photo knowledge, nor is the content intended to provide all the  magical answers to turn your trigger-happy shutter finger and creative perspective into a million bucks overnight.  But you will find helpful photography advice, ideas, info and resources that can broaden your perspective as to the realities (sometimes cruel ones) faced by independent photography business owners.

—- C. DiSabato, Owner, imageryObjectives


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